Sweet Corn & Thyme Risotto

The picture above looks like some extreme risotto porn, I got carried away & zoomed in a bit too close… Anyway it looks great, doesn’t it? The risotto you are looking at is sweet, creamy & also quite sinful. I enriched with mascarpone & butter. It is pseudo vegetarian since I used dairy products, I say this because the dichotomies of vegetarianism is a vast subject. What is 100% vegetarian? Think about it…….

This risotto is made with some of my favourite ingredients, I use fresh thyme in almost all my cooking. Sweet corn is just beautiful so much so, I actually love eating raw sweet corn kernels(my mum thinks that’s weird). As an aside, I like tasting food ingredients in their raw state that way you get to appreciate the transformation that happens during the cooking process. I would not recommend this though, tasting stuff like raw chicken would be foolhardy(i’ve done it hehe). Do it at your own risk & have your health insurance in order just in case.

To make this sweet corn & thyme risotto

  • Blanch sweet corn kernels in salted boiling water until cooked(taste it you will know when it is done), refresh the corn kernels in an ice bath(this stops the cooking process), then set aside.
  • Bring 1 litre of vegetable stock to the boil in a saucepan, then reduce heat to leave the stock at a gentle simmer.
  • In another saucepan sweat a minced onion/shallot & 2 cloves of garlic, in some butter & olive oil. Stir for a few minutes until onion & garlic has softened up. Season with some salt & pepper.
  • Add half cup of risotto rice into the pan with the onion & garlic. Cook rice for a few minutes, stirring frequently until rice is slightly toasted(you will smell the toastiness) & translucent.
  • Add 100 mls of white wine to rice, stir rice until wine is absorbed/evaporated.
  • Ladle enough vegetable stock just to cover the rice and then stir until stock is absorbed, then add more stock. Repeat this until rice is al dente, this means it will be cooked but the grains will have a slight resistance when chewed.
  • Stir in the sweet corn kernels & 1 tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves.
  • Take the rice off the heat, add 1 tablespoon of mascarpone into the rice while stirring vigorously, do the same with 1 tablespoon of cold butter.
  • Cover the risotto for about 5 minutes to rest before serving.